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Looking to

turn your

social impact idea

into reality?

The Aspire Track breaks down barriers to entry by building your core skills and cross functional knowledge needed to achieve the next step in your social entrepreneurship journey in Europe.

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Our program


Aspire Track is a social entrepreneurship online incubation program that includes a series of training modules and workshops led by experts experienced in business development, digital skills and impact measurement. Over the course of 8 weeks, you’ll improve your business and digital skills and strengthen your impact-driven capabilities.

A blended learning experience with a cohort of fellow early-career entrepreneurs is an intensive and inspirational challenge. We will collectively work towards solving the important social and environmental problems of the 21 century. In two months you will develop your idea and prepare to launch a social enterpris. The mode of the course is fully online, with weekly live sessions and assignments you will need to complete individually and in groups. Aspire is an intensive course, of 7-8 hours of involvement from your side each week but with immense value to your idea and its future.

This track focuses on breaking down barriers to entry by building the core skills and cross functional knowledge needed to achieve your next step in your social entrepreneurship journey.



A typical 8-week curriculum looks like this: 


1. Onboarding and introduction to social entrepreneurship 
The first week will welcome the participants to the program’s elements and organization, the main topic to be covered will be on the key concepts of social entrepreneurship.


2. Values and sustainable solutions
Spotlight will be on the participants’ existing solutions and social values driving their ideas for SE, they will gain knowledge on sustainable business linked to the wider context of SDG's.


3. Social business opportunities 
The topics covered under this module will be on creating social value propositions for their ventures, discussing the role of innovation in addressing social and environmental problems through a customer-centric approach.


4. Impact prototyping
Exploring and designing a prototype from its impact perspective, seeking sustainable product and business growth opportunities.


5. Legal and Financing
Focused on providing knowledge on legal, finance and fundraising for young social enterprises with an aim to draft your first business plan.


7. Pitching
Deep dive into pitching best practices with the steps to ensure an effective pitch. This will help you in your networking and partnership development


6. Technology and communication
Discover technological solutions that can improve the different phases of running a social enterprise: design, cooperation, project management, process automation.


8. Impact forward
The last session of the course will focus on helping the participants become investment ready. It will focus on fundraising, and looking for investors.

Am I Eligible?



Selection criteria

  • ​​You are 18+ years of age

  • You have the legal ability to work and register a company in your home country

  • You can provide a national ID, proof of residence and vetted bank account details for reception of the cash grant

  • At this stage, applications are open to individuals based in France, Germany, Greece Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Spain

  • Your idea needs to target at least one European country

  • You are available to participate in an intensive online program for 8 weeks, with live sessions within working hours (approx. 3 hours per live session) and weekly individual and group assignments.

  • Motivation: We’re looking for applicants who recognise their own potential; individuals who see their previous educational, professional or personal experience as part of their ongoing social entrepreneurship journey.

  • Ambition: Social Tides applicants should be able to clearly articulate their idea and vision, why it is relevant and how it will help bring about positive change to an urgent societal problem.

  • Feasibility: Your proposal should be realistic in its scope and approach. We are looking for promising projects which are well-defined, to be able to benefit most from our program.

  • Proximity: Your application should include your personal connection to the challenge you’re working to solve. We’re looking for individuals who are working with, and on behalf of, their communities.

The selection process


Applications Open

All interested social entrepreneurs are invited to submit their ideas and solutions.


 The applications that best meet the criteria will reviewed

by the jury.


Results Announcement

About a month after the applications' dealdine.




Finalists join the 8-week program. 



application period
26 June - 4 Aug.

program period:

9 Oct. - 1 Dec.


application period
22 May - 30 June

program period:
11 Sept.  - 3 Nov.


 application period
20 March - 30 April 

program period:
12 June - 24 July


application period:

5 Dec - 29 Jan

program period:
27 March - 19 May


application period:
9 Jan. - 2 Feb.

program period:
13 March - 5 May


application period

program period:

22 Nov - 4 Feb


application period

program period:

31 Oct -22 Dec


application period

program period:

05 Sep -28 Oct

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