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The Grow Track is designed for startups with an existing product or service seeking to expand their business skills to better manage their enterprise in Europe. We will help take your idea to the next level by giving you the tools, knowledge and expertise to achieve it.

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Grow Track is an intensive social entrepreneurship online acceleration program that includes training modules, workshops and personalised mentoring sessions led by international experts, experienced in organisational and business development, leadership, digital transformation, and impact measurement and management. 

In a 8-month program, social enterprises (SE) that are already in their MVP stage will be equipped with the necessary practical knowledge to achieve Product Market Fit and beyond. INCO will act as the enabler to help them scale up as a startup while facilitating their positive impacts on the SDGs.


1. Onboarding and introduction to social entrepreneurship 
The first week will welcome the participants to the program’s elements and organization, SEs will be challenged to recognize how their social business profile fits in the impact ecosystem.


2. Sustainable solutions
Focus will be on the participants’ existing solutions, they will need to illustrate how their venture solves the problems linked to the wider context of SDG's in a sustainable way.


3. Designing impact
This topic will be centered around mapping design improvements  to existing user/client journeys as well as product growth opportunities.


5. Fostering teams and communities
This chapter will explore how an SE can reach their business goals through team growth by optimizing technology and the improvement opportunities it can bring.


7. Social Enterprise profile and communication
 Participants will be guided and tasked in creating a communication strategy and building a communication plan for their social venture.


4. New business models
In this module, participants will be trained to design sustainable business models required to run a social enterprise in the current social economy in line with the SDGs.


6. Sustainability and growth
Understanding the growth strategy, and determining the impact of the product. Essential resources needed to scale the SE will be identified.


8. Impact forward
A full day event that will be symbolic to the end of the syllabus part of the program. To stakeholders and other peers in the impact ecosystem, participants will pitch their venture as well as the progress they have made through their participation.

This track focuses on expanding your skills to better manage your social enterprise. The objective is to bring your ideas to the next level by giving you all the tools to achieve it.




to scale your


Am I eligible?

Meet the trainers of the Grow Track - 2022


Maxime de Beauchesne_LI pic.jpeg

Maxime de Beauchesne


Zrzut ekranu 2022-09-25 o 09.32.57.png

Alice Troiano

Co-founder and CEO,  Prosperah

Maëlle BELTAS_picture.jpg

Maelle Beltas

Co-founder, REFORM

Kamil Śliwowski

Digital Skills Trainer

Micha Lionarons .jpeg

Micha Lionarons

Global Program Manager at Google Cloud

Erwan Kezzar_LI.jpeg

Erwan Kezzar



Zrzut ekranu 2022-09-25 o 12.05.48.png

Charlelie Jourdan



Alexis Eve

Founder, Yaniro



Selection criteria

  • Company registration: Your startup should be registered in Europe. Priority will be given to startups registered in the following countries: France, Germany,  Greece, Italy,  the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Spain

  • Targets European Union markets and customers/users

  • Core mission aligned with UN SDGs

  • Innovation stage: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage and working towards Product/Market Fit (PMF) 

  • Ambition: Applicants need a proof of concept that is able to clearly articulate their idea and vision, why it is relevant and how it will help bring about positive change to an urgent societal problem while achieving profitability. 

  • Impact: Your proposal should explain the issues your project is tackling and to what extent it is helping resolve them. It should provide details of how you will execute your project and how this will create positive effects on and/or for your area of focus.

  • Proximity: Your application should include your personal connection to the challenge you’re working to solve. We’re looking for start-ups with experience; those who are working with, and on behalf of, their communities.

  • Feasibility: Big ideas are welcome but your solution should be realistic and well-defined in its scope and approach. We are looking for teams and management which is strong and flexible enough to implement the proposed project

  • Scalability: We seek ideas that have potential for scale. Ideas that can be implemented effectively and sustainably within your organisation, across your area of focus and beyond.


Applications Open

All interested social entrepreneurs are invited to submit their applications

till the 3 February 2023.


 The applications that best meet the criteria will reviewed

by the jury.


Results Announcement

 Results will be announced mid March 2023.


Program begins

The program will start on 19th April 2023.


Phases of the program

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