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Can your social impact
shape an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible economy?

Every day, across Europe, people are developing solutions to solve local challenges in their communities.

Social Tides is an incubator and accelerator powered by INCO and funded by on a mission to support change makers - to support you - to strengthen your impact-driven capabilities and scale your social impact idea or enterprise.

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At Social Tides we aim to empower aspiring social entrepreneurs like you to develop your projects with a social, environmental or cultural impact.

Whether you just have an idea or you already have an existing business, Social Tides provides you with the opportunity to expand your impact and business knowledge and receive a grant to take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey.

Discover our programs and join our next cohort of changemakers!

Are you  on a mission to make the world a better place through AI or ML?

Discover the GROW AI accelerator to elevate your social enterprise potential with best-in-class training, mentorship, and a grant up to 250.000$! 




Accelerating social impact with AI 


Developing a social impact idea


Growing your social enterprise

Why apply?

Social Tides intensive incubation and acceleration programs include: 


Social Business training with experts


Networking and mentoring from social business leaders

Funding and investment access



Community and visibility opportunities

An impact-driven community

Social Tides proudly relies on a diffuse community of like-minded individuals and organizations spread across Europe.


Discover our community and our network of partners and explore opportunities to get involved!

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the European Social Economy


Tapping into the diversity and innovation potential of the region, together, we can work towards solving local challenges which benefit our communities and society as a whole.

By putting purpose at the heart of business we can create a sustainable, equitable, inclusive and resilient future across Europe for all.


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