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Grow AI is a 6-month equity-free

acceleration program designed for social enterprises and impact organisations that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to pursue a positive impact.


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Grow AI accelerator


Grow AI accelerator will provide you with tools, technical knowledge, best-in-class mentoring and a grant up to $250,000 to take your technology and business to the next level.

10 impact organizations will be selected and will explore AI’s potential for advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the rapidly evolving AI and technology landscape and within a community of like-minded AI social entrepreneurs, with the opportunity of empowering connections with other high-potential social enterprises across Europe.

The 6-month, online program will start in April 2024 and will be delivered with the support of AI experts from the Google for Startups Accelerator  team and trainers from INCO’s network.

Why apply?

Elevate your expertise with specialized training in AI, machine learning, business development, marketing, and impact strategy

Receive personalized mentoring from Google and industry experts

Expand your network and increase your visibility  within the AI community

Participate in an equity-free program that includes  grants of up to $250,000

The curriculum
of the program


Grow AI features a hybrid approach that includes workshops, guest talks, group learning and mentoring, ensuring specialized knowledge and guidance is tailored to each organization’s needs, covering a diverse range of topics across tech, business and impact:


Grow your business


  • Business growth

  • Marketing & sales

  • Financial and business planning


Grow your impact


  • Impact strategy design

  • Impact measurement 

  • Ethics and Responsible AI


Grow your technology  


  • Foundational & advanced AI trainings

  • AI / ML  development and prototyping


Grow your visibility


  • Branding and positioning

  • Pitching & investor deck


Grow sustainably


  • Leadership & team management, Corporate governance

  • Work Life Balance and running a social enterprise/impact organisation

  • Diverse and Inclusive Culture


Join us on this exciting journey where AI meets social impact. Together, we can shape a future where technology drives positive change for all.

Who can apply?

Who are we looking for:

Social enterprises and impact organizations demonstrating traction, ideally at Seed stage:

With a technological solution, in ideation or development stage, leveraging AI and Machine Learning technologies and with relevant competences within the team.


With a solution driving a positive social impact and advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Developing a product or service that can grow sustainably, targeting a substantial market opportunity, and having a strong strategy for growth.


Selection criteria:

Tech for good: Applicants need to plan to use or already use technology (AI, machine learning) for the purpose of bringing social impact solutions for the benefit of underserved, underrepresented or marginalized communities, following responsible AI practices and principles.

Ambition: Applicants need a solution that is able to clearly represent their vision, why it is relevant and how it will help bring about positive change to an urgent societal problem while achieving profitability. Your application should include your development plan/strategy for the future. 

Impact: Your proposal should explain the issues your project tackles and to what extent it helps resolve them. It should provide details of how you will execute your project and how this will create positive effects on and/or for your area of focus. 

Proximity: We’re looking for impact organizatio with experience; those who are working with, and on behalf of, their communities. Highlight your personal connection to the challenge you’re working to solve.

Feasibility and scalability: We seek solutions that are feasible and have potential for scale. Ideas that can be implemented effectively and sustainably within your organization, across your area of focus and beyond.

Administrative Criteria:

1. Applicants need to have a registered entity (excl. non profits) in one the 9 focus countries of the program: Sweden, Italy, UK, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Czechia, Romania and Lithuania. The entity needs to be recognized as a social enterprise (ex lege or de facto) and its representatives will be asked to prove that the surpluses are mainly reinvested in the organization/for social goals. If not applicable,  the applicant will be asked to sign a statement committing to reinvesting at least 50% of profit into the project.

2. The solution targets European Union markets and customers/users.

3. Its core mission is aligned with the UN SDGs.

4. Commitment and availability from CEO, CTO and/or other relevant roles to participate and engage in required program’s activities. Access to the grant is conditional upon attending 80% of the program activities.

5. Evidence of total absence of reputational risks and legal liabilities

If any of the requirements above are not met,

the application will be rejected.


Meet the selected
impact organizations!

Agile Impacts' AI-powered software delivers custom impact metrics and accessible data advice for impact-driven businesses.


Cardio.AI is an affordable, scalable solution for cardiac diagnostics.



The Newsroom AI analyses thousands of news articles daily. It identifies and summarises consensus and different perspectives.



Vedliai is building an AI assistant helping to tech creative computer science in K8 classrooms.



AI for Accessibility's AI-browser empowers the visually impaired to access online information and services.

AI for Accessibility_Thumbnail.png


Dream Green harnesses AI and satellite imagery to drive the next generation of carbon offset projects.

Dream Green_Thumbnail.png


Niya helps users generate career pathways into new sectors and industries.


United Kingdom

Atelier Riforma's AI tool, Re4Circular, helps to direct end-of-life garments towards the most suitable circular process.

Atelier Riforma_Thumbnail.png


Elomia is an app with an AI-powered companion that listens, understands, and provides mental health support 24/7.

Elomia Health_Thumbnail.png


Sensegrass is a climate Intelligence platform that helps companies and farmers grow better with low emissions.


United Kingdom

Blume uses video cameras and AI to scan crossing area warns drivers of pedestrians.



HumanITcare is a personalized health monitoring platform that uses AI to scale access to healthcare globally.



Talenti is a far-reaching platform that offers access to multiple services that supports career development for women.




Selection process phases


Applications Open

All interested social enterprises / impact organisations are invited to submit their applications by January 31st, 2024


​ The applications will be reviewed and the selected ones from this first screening will be invited to an interview


Selection results

The applications that best meet the criteria will be selected by a panel of experts from INCO - results will be announced by mid-March  2024





The selected participants join the 6-month program starting in April 2024


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Do you have any questions regarding the Grow AI accelerator?
Check out the FAQ section or contact us at


What Social Tides participants say

About Social Tides: 


"My biggest gain from participating to the Grow program has been having the opportunity to know some great entrepreneurs from all around Europe. Also having the opportunity to learn from such great professionals and speakers. There were such incredible sessions, I loved everything that I Iearned. I would highlight the sessions about measuring impact, but didn't have a clear path to do it, the course gave me a roadmap and the tools to make it happen. " GROWII, Grow participant.

 About Growii >>

About Growii


GROWII is an AI-powered B2B SaaS that aims to take care of the employee mental health and wellbeing by measuring in real time any behavioral pattern on a daily basis, to predict, analyze and address emerging problems.


The impact - Growii has reached 45k employees so far, and their services led to an increase of satisfaction on the workplace of 23% on average. Through further developing the technology, they aim to impact 1 million direct employees by 2024.

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