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Meet Our Trainers

After participating in the development of the innovation consulting firm Bluenove (100+ coaching sessions with major groups such as Bouygues Construction and TF1) and the startup incubator Usine IO, Alexis founded Yaniro, a coaching collective that assists organisations with the human issues related to transformation. Graduated as a psychologist and Executive Coach at HEC, Alexis draws on this foundation of postures as much as on his passion for innovation and continuous transformation. Alexis is also co-founder of the TEDxPanthéonSorbonne innovation conference series.

Founder, Yaniro

After 20 ys in Software Companies as Co-Founder and Sales Manager, Andrea decided to go back to her roots: she once had chosen to study and graduate in political sciences to make this world are better place for everyone. Therefore she founded Sales4Good, offering trainings and coachings and consultancy to help Social Businesses to Scale. She is focussed on Ethical Sales, Scaling Impact and System Change Strategies.


Charlélie Jourdan is a communication strategist with an expansive knowledge of European-wide communication campaigns.
He has worked on over 400 projects of communication in the last ten years.
He and his team have improved the communication of clients such as the European Parliament, the European Commission, Google, Intel, WWF and others, with strategic insights and compelling creative implementation.
He has trained more than 6000 professionals in workshops, webinars and speeches on operational communication tactics, technical storytelling, brainstorming techniques and strategy.
Charlélie is a firm believer in engineering creativity through strict processes. His working philosophy is that “Creativity is 75% strategy”.
He strives to be a forward thinker with an aptitude to design strategies that confidently position companies and organizations with an ever-increasing influence.
He uses various methods and processes such as Design Thinking, and he is adept at the Lean approach.
Charlélie relentlessly applies a disciplined mindset, ideas, and tactics to advance every aspect of an organization’s communication to compete with the most influential brands. This method relies on the consistent implementation of processes that advertising agencies have instigated over the years and that public organizations are rarely exposed to.
With this unique toolbox, Charlélie’s expertise focuses on enabling more significant influence over the behaviour of others, with greater connection and more successful delivery of genuine messages for the general public.
As a regular lecturer and trainer, Charlélie provides expansive methods to explore a team’s ideas and insights in ways that will raise their confidence and produce actual, long-term results. He has been piloting more than 150 people brainstorming simultaneously, thanks to methods he designed to guide the process.
Currently living in Valencia, Spain, Charlélie makes regular appearances on the podium at various Hackathons and innovation centres to generate and prototype start-ups ideas. He advises multiple early-stage start-ups on their marketing strategy and business models and has worked with the Belgian Bank, BNP Paribas, to implement innovation processes in Fintech.
He holds a Bachelor in Philosophy and a MA in Public Affairs.
With a passion for making the world more understandable, Charlélie empowers people to realize their merit and communicate better, more efficiently and without prejudice. He understands the value of discipline coupled with effort, offering others his methodology and mental tools to improve their impact.

Communication Strategist

Currently working at Impact Hub as Sustainability Lead. International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility from EOI (School of Industrial Organization). Graduated in Political Science from Universidad Carlos III. She has more than 5 years of experience as a sustainability and corporate governance consultant, having managed projects related to circular economy, environmental and socioeconomic impact assessment and sustainability strategies among others.
Cristina Alicia
Sancho Elguezabal


Communication Consultant, Content Designer, Meditation and Yoga Instructor
Through the language of kindness, I help people and businesses to make a positive impact in the world.

Communication Consultant

Gerlinde is working at Euclid Network (EN) - the European Social Enterprise Network, where she is responsible for managing several EU and non-EU funded projects, supports social enterprise intermediaries and partners across Europe in accessing funding, building partnerships and consortia as well their capacity-building.

With an academic background in international public administration, human rights and community organising, paired with several years of experience in civil society organizations in the United States, India, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, she builds on her experience in the area of social justice and inclusion and organizes regular thought-leadership events on topics such as gender equality and increasing opportunities for underrepresented (social) entrepreneurs, and is continuously involved in other initiatives, such as the Youth Advisory Board of Social Enterprise World Forum 2023.
Gerlinde Maria

Project Manager, Euclid Network

With a master's degree in strategy and entrepreneurship from the University of Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Irène quickly specialized in innovation and in supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their development. Today, Irène is in charge of INCO's incubation programs in Paris and has more than 100 entrepreneurs under her belt!


Laure co-founded Snowball Effect in 2020 with the aim to address society’s challenges at scale by replicating what works. Snowball Effect is an NGO that helps aspiring social entrepreneurs replicate in their region proven social business concepts, while learning from their initial founders.

Laure holds a double diploma from Neoma business school and Centrale Paris engineering school. Prior to cofounding Snowball Effect Laure has been working in the field of social innovation for +8 years, as a social entrepreneur, social intrapreneur, project manager at a French NGO supporting social innovation (Ticket for Change) and coach for social entrepreneurs. In her career she could observe that too many social entrepreneurs tend to reinvent the wheel: that made her start Snowball Effect with her cofounder Yoon-Joo. In 2021 they also won the European Social Innovation Competition.

Besides, she also trained herself to become a certified career coach from the International Coaching Federation. She’s French but living currently in Vienna (Austria) and happy to act towards making replication mainstream in Europe, while working in close contact with other ecosystem partners.

Co-Founder, Snowball Effect

Marco Traversi is CEO of Project Ahead, a social enterprise involved in the fields of enterprise creation, young employment services, third sector and social enterprise consultancy and social innovation. Previously member of the board of directors of Euclid network and past president and founder of the Italian Social Innovation network. He is also a founding member of the Global Social entrepreneurship network. He also worked for 8 years for the National governmental agency for enterprise creation, currently Invitalia, as investment manager

CEO, Project Ahead

Matías Nso holds a degree in industrial engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, a master's degree in business management from ETH Zurich University and a postgraduate degree in corporate leadership from the University of Deusto. Matías has been a professor and guest speaker at universities such as Carlos III, Instituto de Empresa and Stanford. Before founding Kuorum Matias had worked for Siemens AG, Danone, E.ON and the Paul Scherrer Institut.

Kuorum is a technology company that provides e-voting and digital identity solutions. Its technology enables all types of organizations to launch an online voting platform in less than a minute. Its customers organize shareholder meetings, assemblies, elections and other types of online processes in a secure and legally valid way.

CEO, Kuorum

Mila is a passionate linguist who started her career in the field of 
intercultural competence training, adult development, and coaching. 
After several years of work in the field of Sustainable Product 
Development and Agile Project Management, she is about to start her own 
training & consulting business. Mila is especially enthusiastic about 
the concepts of the Economy for the Common Good and Regenerative 


Petra Bališ is a freelance entrepreneur, content expert
content marketing, marketing consultant, copywriter and mentor, and
lecturer in programmes promoting women's entrepreneurship, manager of
President of the Institute for Dyslexia and Chair of the Expert Council of the Institute for
and a Fellow of the University of the Third Age.
In her independent career as a freelancer, she has worked with many of her colleagues, including
international and foreign clients for 16 years, she has been successfully showing them the way and
helping them to be more sovereign and faster in their marketing decisions
reach their goals faster. In recent years, it has focused strongly on
content marketing and content and communication strategy and writing
online copywriting and content
optimisation. Many of the texts you read online are hers. From
Slovenia, she has given several lectures and workshops on these topics.

Seprembra, svetovalne storitve, Petra Balis s.p.

Sophie is the co-founder of Impact Hub Athens, part of the world’s first global network for the promotion, support, interconnection and empowerment of social entrepreneurs and innovators. A community of people who take sustainable and responsible initiatives to contribute to addressing social challenges.
Since 2010 and for three full years was a member of the hosting team in Impact Hub Madrid, where she learned in-practice the processes of community building, design thinking and participatory leadership. At the same time, she was an active member of the Creative Society advisory team to support and empower businesses through creative problem-solving processes. There, Sophie was also responsible for the project “Are you ready for us?”, A global survey of conditions that accelerate the entrepreneurship of young people. She often collaborates with the IE Business School in Madrid, where she delivers courses on social entrepreneurship at the MBA & IMBA. She is a graduate of the Department of Administrative Science & Technology, and a member of AIESEC. Helping found El Sistema Greece is one of her most recent accomplishments.

CEO, Imapct Hub Athens

Creative process facilitator, design thinking coach and researcher, specializing in audience experience research. Co-founder and partner at hearts & heads. - An agency that supports clients in creating services AND products that respond to real audience needs. He has implemented projects for Atende, Motorola Solutions, Martes Sport, RedBull and Jagiellonian University, among others. For the past 10 years, he has also been associated with the Social Innovation Workshop Foundation in Krakow, promoting audience-centric design of solutions and innovations. Since 2018, he has also been associated with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, where he teaches design thinking to students of social computing and ICT.

Fundacja Warsztat Innowacji Społecznych

Alice is the co-founder and CEO of Prosperah, a multi-award winning impact startup helping businesses, schools and organisations to leverage the potential of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and make a difference for people, the planet and their organisation too.
Before co-founding Prosperah, Alice worked in the consulting sector helping both businesses and non-profit organisations to align their strategy to the Sustainable Development Goals, build impactful partnerships and achieve their impact goals. 
From delivering workshops on the Global Goals to supporting organisations with their strategies, Alice is passionate about helping leaders and organisations discover their purpose and thrive. 
She holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where she focused on the role that different organisations can play in sustainable development. 
Alice is a purpose driven entrepreneur, striving for a world where impact and sustainability are key drivers to achieve prosperity.

Co-Founder, Prosperah

Anna Duszczynska is a brand strategist, branding consultant and brand trainer. She advocates for human brands and branding tools compatible with the social economy during Europe’s biggest impact meet-ups and conferences (Impact Fest, FEBEA, AFIN, ADV Romania). As a branding trainer and consultant, she is a part of the Social Tech 4 EU – an EU capacity-building programme for social enterprises. Her branding workshops and lectures have been incorporated into the global social impact accelerators and humanitarian innovation programmes (Unsung Heroes, Forward·Inc DEP). Euclid Network named Anna one of the 2022 Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise (category: social innovator).

Brand strategist & consultant

With years of experience as a Founder and Growth Hacker, Chiara has mastered the art of propelling companies towards rapid growth, automation, and marketing success. Her proven expertise and extensive track record have equipped her to conquer challenges faced by startups, scale-ups, and even big multinationals.

As a Freelancer and Interim Head of Growth, Chiara's versatility shines through. She's ventured into the worlds of FinTech, Med-Tech, and the cultural sector, among others. By carefully selecting diverse clients and experiences, she keeps her curiosity alive, recognizing valuable patterns that shape her winning strategies.

Data is her secret sauce – the cornerstone of her approach to growth. Chiara's decision-making is laser-focused, taking both qualitative and quantitative data into account. She's developed a structured process for growth that she loves to share in workshops, inspiring others to conquer new heights.

If you're facing challenges with your growth marketing strategy, Chiara is your go-to gal. Reach out to her, and together, you'll embark on an exciting journey towards unparalleled growth.

Don't miss the chance to work with this Growth Wizard – let her sprinkle some magic on your business!
Liqui Lung

FinTech Co-Founder

Elena Salamandic-Alijošienė is a partner at Katalista Ventures - the first Triple Top Line startup accelerator and sustainable innovation advisory in the Baltics. Prior to Katalista Ventures, Elena co-founded Planet Positive - a carbon management agency helping companies become climate neutral.
Elena has extensive experience in global B2B marketing & communications, sustainability consulting, startup advisory, data analysis, event and project management. Elena has been a jury member and mentor in numerous startup programmes, as well as a speaker and panelist on topics like sustainability communications, diversity and inclusion, impact startup investment, and more. Elena has a passion for consumer behavior, cognitive decision-making and their applications in sustainability transformation.

Partner, Katalista Ventures

Filip Debowski - educator, trainer and author of the podcast "The Good Ancestor" ( He helps individuals, teams and organizations build a culture of collaboration, trust, sense of purpose, effective communication and crisis resilience. He gained his experience as a manager at T-Mobile's fund and incubator and the Cambridge Innovation Center, among others. He fights cyberbullying and digital addiction with educational projects in elementary and high schools. He explains and tames technology in times of information hype. He would like to be a good ancestor.

Dobry Przodek

Societal impact has always determined Hadiel’s journey. First as a human rights lawyer, then as a policy advisor on sustainable mobility in the Brussels Metropolitan Region. In 2017 she co-founded Cyclobility, a start-up that leases electric bikes B2B to stimulate sustainable work-home mobility. In 2019 she founded Kaira, a philanthropic transition fund. They support pioneers with innovative ideas on ecological and social systemic justice with coaching, network and funding. She is also part of the European LEAP collective, aiming to systemically transform philanthropy.
Holail Mohamed

Founder, Kaira

Johannes Hochholzer, M.Sc. in Biophysics, has a passion for complex systems and ecosystems. He therefore enjoys working with people from a wide range of disciplines in co-creative processes and brings his passions for art, nature and systemic change to the table. Here he can share his previous experiences and his diverse knowledge about leadership, teams and organisations with others and at the same time learn something new himself.
At Unity Effect, a social enterprise with the purpose of leading change from the inside out, he is working in the area of thriving teams and leaders and developing new offers based on the expertise of the team.
He is the founder of MIWO e.V., an organisation that will open a new dormitory for students of all nationalities in Munich. For three and a half years, he accompanied a spin-off in a cooperative context as managing director: The former Schlehdorf monastery was transformed into a community project where living, learning and working complement each other in a good balance. With development and protoyping of the cooperative sharing platform Klink he pioneered an easier way to strengthen sharing culture in cities and neighbourhoods.

Luisa De Amicis is Chief Operations Officer at PlusValue, a research and consultancy business with social purpose. Luisa has 15-year experience in social entrepreneurship and innovation, impact investing and sustainable business models, gained mainly through EU projects and policy activities. She is regularly invited to speak at events or give training on EU funding and policies. She was a member of various expert groups within the European Commission and held executive positions in French and British NGOs.

Before joining PlusValue, she worked in the public (EU and UN institutions), private (management consulting) and third sector in London, Milan, Brussels and Vienna. Luisa holds an MSc in Economics and Management of Public Administration from Bocconi University, Milan (Italy). She has also completed executive courses at Sole24Ore (Milan), INSEAD (France) and at CASS Business School (UK).
De Amicis

COO, PlusValue

MBA, Executive Master in Marketing Management and graduate in Communication. More than 10 years of international experience leading teams, projects and large accounts in the area of ​​CSR, innovation, entrepreneurship and impact consulting for public and private sector.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Lead, Impact Hub Madrid

In short, my son will be younger in 2050 than I am in 2022 and this is one of the reasons why I try to be guided by my values and my ideals in life and in my work. I believe in the human but I try to consider myself above all as part of all living beings. For what interests us, I am passionate about companies (& business in general) and I like to explore its current mutations, in particular through the question of ethics and collective narratives. I am specialized in questions of the company's purpose and team values (and a bit of prospective). Very concretely, I design and facilitate seminars, I give courses and sometimes conferences, and I try to share my thinking through various formats.
de Beauchesne

Slovenian expert witness in the field of economics (HR function and entrepreneurship)
Mirjana Ivanuša-Bezjak is a university graduate in Business Informatics and a Master of Economics and a Slovenian forensic expert in the field of economics (HR function and entrepreneurship). She has been appointed as a business consultant and a senior lecturer at universities of higher education and lecturer at higher vocational schools. 
She has been active in the field of social economy for more than ten years (as a consultant and mentor). She is currently the Director of the Social Economy Cooperative of Slovenia in Maribor.
She is the author of How to Look for a Job (1995), What I Need to Know about Entrepreneurship (1996), Employees the Greatest Capital of the 21st Century (2006), A Warm Welcome, Hospitality and Kindness in Tourism and Service Activities (2012) and Hospitality of Slovenian Tourist Workers during and after the Corona Crisis (2020).
She is a senior lecturer at the School of Applied Sciences in Leadership and Career Development and Application of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies.
She has been a tutor for more than 150 students of the Higher Professional School and 150 students of the University of Applied Sciences. Her Cobiss bibliography includes more than 650 items. (
Since 2000 she has been the President of the Association of HR Professionals of Maribor, Lenart and Slovenska Bistrica.

Senior Lecturer - Blockchain technology, FKPV Celje

Primož Šporar has over 20 years of experience in the NGO sector, social economy, impact investment, social entrepreneurship and social innovation. He is holding LLM in Law and is acting as a CEO of the Fund 05 – Foundation for Social and Impact Investment and is current representative of the Slovenian social economy sector in the European Economic and Social Committee – EESC.

CEO, Fund 05

Tamara has been an entrepreneur practically since childhood. She was born into an entrepreneurial family in the 80s, where she helped her parents in the office as a young girl. She started realizing her ideas already when she and her younger sister were selling various products on their own. She started learning about computer science when it was still in its infancy, so she later became interested in studying business informatics. She has always been attracted to creativity and technology, so it is not surprising that her path later led her to entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

She gained her first career experience as an economist in the field of banking, where she learned the importance of financial literacy and financial management through practical examples. This is where the desire to help people realize their ideas in a structured, safe and at the same time creative way was born.

In 2015, she combined her knowledge and experience and embarked on the path of promoting entrepreneurship among young people and women. Coordinated the implementation of various mentoring and educational programs, and one of the most recognizable programs was Entrepreneurship is a female gender in cooperation with the public agency for the promotion of entrepreneurship SPIRIT Slovenia. In doing so, she also perfected herself in coaching various business topics and soft skills. She is also one of the organizers of the largest women's entrepreneurship event in Slovenia, 500 female entrepreneurs and an expert in digital marketing. She has managed many international and national projects and also has extensive experience in the field of various tenders. She is a member of numerous business networks and is also the founder of a charitable youth club, whose leadership she successfully handed over to the younger generation.

She likes to share all her knowledge in the form of trainings and mentoring, but above all, she is fascinated by projects and ideas, the goal of which is not only profit maximization, but also social and especially environmental responsibility, as she is also a great lover of nature and a healthy lifestyle.

Association of Slovene Women Entrepreneurs

Aline isn’t your typical marketing professional. Having lived and worked across various countries, she is a blend of cultural influences and marketing prowess. Aline kickstarted her career in the heart of innovation — Silicon Valley. From nimble startups to established enterprises, she has led both B2C and B2B marketing efforts and teams. While pursuing her MBA at the University of Hong Kong and Columbia University, Aline dove into the vibrant APAC market. Now leading the marketing efforts at Retorio, Aline’s passion fuels an unstoppable go-to-market engine. She’s all about creating personalized customer experiences and turning data into gold.

Economist. Consultant, systemic coach, mentor and teacher in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

I collaborate with entrepreneurs to facilitate their path towards purposeful entrepreneurship in a solid and conscious way.

My areas of expertise: Sustainability and economic viability, business plan, entrepreneurial skills and communication.

Consultant & Teacher

Corinna Kämpfe has led the Social Innovation Lab's Social Startup Program in Freiburg since 2020. She has already accompanied and advised over 50 social startups and brings with her deep insights into the world of social entrepreneurship.In her private life, she is interested in her bee colony and teaches yoga classes. A real social business all-round talent!

Social Innovation Lab

Erwan is the co-founder of Contournement, that empowers entrepreneurs, SMBs and companies on no-code tools, through e-learning and face-to-face trainings.
He is also the co-founder of the NGO NoCode for Good, and contributed to bootstrapping the No-code France community, initiated by the other co-founder of Contournement : Alexis Kovalenko.
Before that, in 2013, Erwan had invented and co-founded, the world’s first and largest network of free web development bootcamps for underprivileged people, and profiles who are underrepresented in the newtech area.

Co-Founder, Countournement

I'm Flor—a curious lifelong learner and multidisciplinary design-thinker, human-centered designer, facilitator and producer.
Fueled by curiosity and a passion for turning ideas into reality, my diverse 20-year career has encompassed production, advertising, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, and design, always in pursuit of fresh ways to bring ideas to life.
Throughout my journey, I've worn many hats—from creating films and brand experiences to shaping digital services and products and supporting entrepreneurs and changemakers to unlock their creative and innovative potential to turn their ideas into action. I've fully embraced every stage of the idea development life cycle, from empathy and research to ideation, design, prototype, testing, building and launching solutions for diverse audiences, formats, and contexts, enriching my understanding of putting people at the heart of the design process.
My focus lies on harnessing the power of design to breathe life into ideas, creating user-centric products and services.
My vision? To design for people—transforming products and services into meaningful experiences.

Social Entrepreneur & Youth Empowerment Enabler

Harris is a business consultant at KRATAION consulting agency in Greece and also a co-founder of a maritime agency. He is specialised in organisation design, large scale project management and design sprints’ facilitation. At the moment he is pursuing an executive master in organisation design and business strategy at the University of Amsterdam. Before joining KRATAION, he was part of Google Greece as project manager of Grow with Google initiatives, has worked at TelCos, in corporate communication & CSR, at Red Bull, as junior brand manager. He was also a founding member and BD & Communications responsible for a cultural development startup. Harris holds a diploma in Applied Mathematics & Physics Sciences from the National Technical University of Athens and certifications around Design Thinking and Design Sprints. Last but not least, he loves travelling especially if it’s combined with volunteeringLast but not least, he loves travelling, especially if it’s combined with volunteering.

Krataion Consulting & CAP Maritime Services

Jorgen graduated from the Business School of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Entrepreneur for over thirty years. Worked as an investment manager, but got fed up with only doing finance, investing and making money for the sake of just that. Started a social enterprise Afval loont (which means Cash for Trash). We had 13 shops in six cities where people brought their household trash and they received money for their raw materials, which we then sold on the market.  Lately Jorgen's been focused on my company ‘Do The Right Thing’, assisting entrepreneurs (preferably social) with financial budgeting, and fundraising.
van Rijn

Founder, Do The Right Thing

With a degree in Innovation Management in the United States, Maelle quickly joined thecamp, an innovation campus specializing in positive transformations.
She then co-founded Reform, a company specializing in the implementation of impact strategies and projects.
As France's first certified Diversity and Inclusion practitioner, Maelle's mission is to help companies and startups implement impact projects using an inclusive approach that promotes sustainability.


Change (and her love for the city of Berlin) is the only constant in Maria's life - that's why she keeps on questioning the status quo, develops new ideas and gets her energy out of the challenge. She started her career at Daimler, studied Nonprofit-Management and travelled the world. Just to learn that everything she always seeked was working in a diverse field. After working for different accelerators & incubators and failing & learning with her own startups she joined GERMANTECH. As the Managing Director she loves bringing together diverse stakeholders to learn from each other and work on a sustainable future.


Melina is a social entrepreneur who in 2020 was one of the seven women globally that
received the prestigious “SDGs and Her” award from the United Nations and the World
Bank, for her work in the implementation of the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.
She has been leading SDGs and ESG projects from conception to implementation, supporting
Fortune 1000 companies in the Agri-food, Renewable Energy, Technology, Media, Retail and
Consumer Goods markets. As an Advisor on Corporate Social Responsibility and Equality
Diversity and Inclusion she is participating in ESG process improvement, evaluating ESG
reports, forging strategies on stakeholder engagement and implementing programs on
employee attraction and retention, while organizing workshops and focus groups directed at
social sustainability. She is also managing sustainable development and ESG frameworks for
corporate clients with the ability to articulate environmental, wellbeing, social value and
governance perspectives.
She is teaching courses on sustainability and social impact in undergrad programs and she
organizes workshops on CSR for corporate executives. Melina sits on the Board of
multinational Organizations and she is a keynote speaker at international seminars on social
entrepreneurship. She is a TEDX Speaker, a BMW Foundation Responsible Leader, an IVLP
Alumna in the program of Social Responsibility and Innovation funded by the US Department
of State, a co-builder of the international World Human Forum, a Young Emerging Leader
2018 by the European-Australian Forum and a Young Innovative Leader 2019 (YTILI Fellow)
by the German Marshall Fund and the US Department of State.
She co-founded a Marketing Agency in 2007 attracting nationwide accounts, before
founding the multiple awarded social enterprise “Wise Greece” in 2013, which promotes top
quality Greek products and uses the profits from sales in order to buy food supplies and
donate them to people living under the poverty line. Today Wise Greece works with over
100 small producers who offer over 2500 products; exports to 8 countries in the EU and US
markets, has so far donated tons of food supplies to orphanages, soup kitchens and
charitable institutions, has received multiple prestigious awards, among which is the
prestigious award from the President of the Greek Republic “Models of Excellence”, as well
as the Start Up award for sustainability and social contribution, the European Social
Challenge Award 2018, the Innovative Fundraising Award by the British Council and the
BeMed Award by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.
In 2022 Melina received the World of Difference Award by the International Alliance for
Women for her contribution in the economic empowerment of women.

SDG and ESG Consultant, Founder, Wise Greece

Graduate of the Athens Law School and holder of an MBA from the
M.Sc. from the Athens University of Economics and Business.
Main area of specialization: The establishment and legal support
Start-ups, as well as the law of Intellectual Property.
Establishing and developing start-ups, legal aspects of Intellectual Property Law, with regard to Trademarks, Domain Names,
Intellectual Property Rights, including Domain Names, Industrial Designs and Patents.
Guidance of entrepreneurs in all stages up to the
completion of an Investment Financing Agreement.
Mergers. Acquisitions.
Significant knowledge in the areas of Corporate and Commercial
law, finance, competition law and competition law.
Real Estate Acquisitions. Also provides advisory services in the field of
compliance procedures in accordance with the
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Experience in conducting due diligence, in the
Due diligence in the context of business acquisitions and in energy
Master of Business Administration (MBA) / Specialization in
Business Administration & Marketing.

Legal Consultant

Seda brings 20 years of experience. She is an independent consultant with expertise in innovation, social enterprise development, ecosystem and community building, and IMM. An expert in the design, implementation, and evaluation of projects and programs targeted at entrepreneurs, private sector companies, and other ecosystem actors, Seda is well respected and connected with the entrepreneurs, civil society community, social impact actors, and public and private sector.

Currently, advising various institutions on innovation, ecosystem development, social innovation, social impact, and IMM, Seda puts her efforts into impact-focused activities towards developing innovative solutions to global challenges. She mentors gives training and workshops on IMM, and gives consultancy to impact funds, acceleration programs, and NGOs in strategy development and IMM. She is a Member of Social Value International.
Olmez Cakar


Wojciech Mroz is an entrepreneur with 20 years of professional experience applying his business expertise to projects that change the world for the better. He serves as Co-Director of the world's largest network of social entrepreneurs, He actively supports and promotes the impact investing market in Poland as one of the cofounder of Over the years 2015-2019 he has managed to build and then sell an IT company that with an average annual revenue growth of more than 800% was ranked 18th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2019.

He is also a co-founder of the Everest Foundation, which annually organizes the largest charitable sports event in Poland for companies - To date, more than 66,000 people from over 2,200 companies have already participated in the event. In 2021, the event received the "Event of the Year" award in the CSR category. Wojtek is also a co-founder of the first polish alliance of YouTube creators that brings together more than 20 creators with combined reach of nearly 5 million subscribers.
Wojciech is an alumni of The Leadership Academy for Poland program

Ashoka Poland

Andrea Solomonides has a background in Musicology and graduated from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She holds an MBA in Strategy & Campaign Management and officially started her career in various political campaigns in Greece, Cyprus and around Europe.
She co-founded CUBIK-S COMMUNICATIONS, a boutique communication agency, specializing in digital marketing in 2012 in Athens and expanded its operations in Cyprus in 2014. She also co-founded Incubo Strategies, a strategy consulting firm specializing in investment strategy. Additionally, she served on the board of various organizations including Hellenic Seaplanes, AIPFE Women of Europe and Cypriot Enterprise Link. 
Cubik-s Communications has now been acquired and operates under the name Giraffes in the Kitchen Cyprus. 
Currently, besides serving as the Managing Partner of Giraffes in the Kitchen Cyprus, she is actively involved with the strategic development of Black Lemon TV.

Giraffes in the Kitchen Cyprus

Chandler is a social entrepreneur, a consultant to early-stage companies and a lecturer. She teaches marketing and strategy in various startup and innovation support programs across the EU and the US and has taught as a professor of marketing at the University of San Diego (California). Currently she heads up The Impact Canopy, which helps social impact companies enter new markets. She loves mentoring and empowering growing companies. Earlier in her career, she worked in international affairs, focusing on entrepreneurship, sustainable development and financial inclusion in Latin America.

Head at The Impact Canopy

Cristina has worked as the S2B Tech4Climate Manager for Fundació Ship2B, as the CEO for Orchestra Scientific, as a Postdoctoral Researcher at ICIQ, as a Researcher R&D at the EEA, and at Universidad de Zaragoza for several years as a researcher and PhD student. She has academic experience in physics, business administration and entrepeneurship.

CMO, Orchesta Scientific

Des Gens Bien is a French design studio that helps companies to orient their products and services towards their end-users.
We make sure that the Design Thinking methodology and other design tools allow those companies to develop products and services that transcribe as accurately as possible their values and vision.
To deliver the product as a whole experience for the end-user, we also provide the possibility to design all the brand/product/service logo and communication program. This way, the brand, product and vision are coherent and the end-user feels more confident.
& Olivier

Des Gens Bien

Mr. G is a Strategist, Marketing Consultant, Coach and Behavioural Change Analyst with over 15 years working experience with companies, NGOs and Governments throughout the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Europe and now New Zealand.
His consulting and coaching experience ranges from Activity Entertainment, Education, F&B, Hospitality & Tourism, Healthcare, HR and FMCG. His sustainable business approach has won him the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation's Green Business Awards and helped push the sustainable business agenda for organizations such as the United Nations and Oxfam to the Royal Government of Cambodia. In the past 8 years, he founded 2 groups of companies and handed over 4 brands through succession planning.
He has a strong belief that empathetic dialogue and design are key life skills to both personal and professional success, and is currently on a mission to solve real world issues through empathy, entrepreneurship and principled leadership.


Lawyer at Paris Bar
Hugo advises entrepreneurs on legal aspects at each stage of their projects (from incorporation to exit).
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​​Kamil Śliwowski, digital skills trainer, online courses and newsletter author. He loves to learn by teaching others and researching topics for his blog and newsletter ( He has been involved in the Creative Commons movement and organization both in Poland and internationally for over a decade. Currently helps with the digital transformation of NGO’s and educational institutions with the wellbeing of workers and students in mind.

Otwarte Zasoby

My name is Marco Cornetto, originally from Italy. I have a background in Business Management and Economics, with an M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and (Social) Innovation.
Along time, I got the chance to work, volunteer and study across Australia, Netherlands, Spain and Vietnam.

Since 2018, I work as Key Account Manager at SocialFare, the first Italian Center for Social Innovation. Here, I apply every day lean startup, business design and design thinking tools and methodologies to help impact-driven companies scale their business and impact.

I have experience in managing capacity-building and pre-acceleration programs for social business ideas, as well as nation-wide accelerators for pre-seed/seed stage impact startups.

Marta Turk is an entrepreneur in full meaning of the word: she initiates ideas and develops results. As one of the
entrepreneurial pioneers in Slovenia, she has experience in policy development, by participating in the work of
bodies representing and lobbying for SMEs, (member of National Council, Chamber of Commerce, Small business
development centre etc, non for profit association). Through her international activities as expert for women
entrepreneurship she was invited speaker at many conferences and symposiums at OECD Leed, UNECE, WIPO
and ILO Turin Center. She participated also to the International program of USIA, and was cooperating as fellow
with the Ashoka organisation.
She graduated in economy, and beside her professional business activities, she had successful working
experience in art (theatre and film). She conducted several researches on small business and female
entrepreneurship, and initiated many projects targeting on women entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs etc,
Today she is senior consultant and mentor at the Institute for research and development of family and women

entrepreneurship ZAVOD META focusing on service support and network for women, young people and start-
ups in Slovenia in their economic empowerment. Special focus is dedicated to the Community of Women

Entrepreneurs ( It is a network of innovative women who exchange their
knowledge, ideas and partnership and connect with similar organizations nationally and internationally.
The community is co-organizer of the largest conference venue of women entrepreneurs in Slovenia, 500
PODJETNIC (500 business women). In Year 2019 she initiated the campaign for promotion of business angels for
women entrepreneurs in Slovenia starting with first international meeting on the subject.

CEO, 500 podjetnic

My name is Micha Lionarons, originally from Amsterdam, which is where I now live after years abroad in Brazil, Ireland, England, Kenya and Tanzania. In the last two countries I’ve had the chance to live with a Maasai family for a while, to teach at the local school. When living there, I noticed how the lack of energy, and mostly lighting in the evening, restricted the children from being able to do their homework at home. Therefore I came back with 8 friends that I managed to convince to do something about this. Together with local partners we set up Solar Energy projects to help 8 local villages and their inhabitants get access to night lights, to among other things, help the children study after the sun sets. 

By training I’m a medical design engineer. Helping to develop devices to help people take control of their health, and prevent illness.

When you design products or services for a completely different user from yourself. The best practice is to design together with the actual patients or end users. When they do not have the skills to express their needs and wishes. It’s a designer’s job to walk them through a process to co-design solutions that best fit their needs. I'd love to give everyone who joins my session the skills to host a workshop where you can learn to co-design a better value proposition, together with, and for, its end user. 

Today, I work at Google as a teacher at the Cloud University. Which means that I educate all of our new employees in Europe, Middle East and Africa, on how they can transform their customers’ business using Google technology and innovation. On top of that, I get most excited by working with non-profits on their challenges, and how to overcome these through design.


Paul Kuhlmann has worked for 10 years with social entrepreneurs. He is social organisation consultant, workshop trainer and event facilitator.

Social Organisation Consultant

She is an expert in the areas of sales and has strong negotiation skills, invited lecturer
in business and educational institutions in Slovenia and different European countries.
She is also a mentor in the Association of Slovenian Entrepreneurs and the ActImpAct
ambassador program.

Consultant, Inštitut KRATOS

After several years' experience in agencies and with advertisers, Zoé founded a 360° communications agency in Paris with Mylène, Artistic Director. Passionate about strategy, she advises her clients on their positioning, branding and operational marketing strategy.


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