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AI Tides 
Elements of AI
Train-the-trainer program

AI Tides is a capacity-building training designed for leading Social Economy organizations in Europe. This train-the-trainer program equips you with the skills and knowledge to further train social entrepreneurs in your respective markets, enabling them to leverage AI for greater impact.



Developed and delivered by MinnaLearn in collaboration with the University of Helsinki,  the AI Tides program is based on "Elements of AI for Business" course, Europe's most popular online AI program.

The training, featuring a hybrid approach with independent study materials and facilitator-led workshops, starts in April '24 and comprises two phases:

  1. Capacity Building: Participate in the 4-week "Elements of AI for Business" program alongside your organization. Gain a comprehensive understanding of AI, explore practical use cases, and earn a certificate upon successful completion.                                                

  2. Expanding Reach: Train 25-50 social entrepreneurs in your market using provided materials, and create opportunities for AI-related training initiatives in your respective countries.

Expected outcomes


  • Over 700 social entrepreneurs trained in AI literacy

  • Graduation with validated AI-powered business prototypes

  • Enhanced productivity through hands-on knowledge of AI tools

Participating organizations

30 Trainers from leading Social Economy Organizations representing social entrepreneurs across 12 European countries.

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