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Our Mentorship Program

Mentors will be matched with mentees to support their development toward social and/or environment impact. Progress, roadblocks, aspirations and more - our social entrepreneurs and startups are excited to leverage your expertise in their development.

Areas of Focus

Your field of expertise and/or general business knowledge


1 hour


∼ 2-6 months - dependent on mentor’s availability and needs of the mentee 




Social Tides connects individuals and startups to networks and expertise. We invite you - industry leaders and experts - to support aspiring and existing social entrepreneurs across Europe reach the next stage in their journey.




Why Become A
Social Tides Mentor?

Jeunes femmes d'affaires


Makes More Possible


Setting the foundations is key to achieving impact. This is why we invite you to work with our social entrepreneurs and startups, to put into practice your knowledge and expertise tailored to them. 


Stand Out In your Industry


Differentiate your experience with a future-forward program in association with and the wider European Social Impact ecosystem. Collaborate with us and show your network that you can meet community needs in providing in-demand expertise.

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Be A Force for European Good


Innovating as a community is part of the Social Tides identity. You’ll join a network of startups, nonprofits and social entrepreneurs working towards solving challenges in communities across Europe.

Become A Mentor

Thanks for registering your interest. We will contact you via email within 5 working days.

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