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Content Marketing Expert, Copywriter & Advisor
Seprembra, svetovalne storitve, Petra Balis s.p.



Aspire Slovenia

Petra Bališ is a freelance entrepreneur, content expert
content marketing, marketing consultant, copywriter and mentor, and
lecturer in programmes promoting women's entrepreneurship, manager of
President of the Institute for Dyslexia and Chair of the Expert Council of the Institute for
and a Fellow of the University of the Third Age.
In her independent career as a freelancer, she has worked with many of her colleagues, including
international and foreign clients for 16 years, she has been successfully showing them the way and
helping them to be more sovereign and faster in their marketing decisions
reach their goals faster. In recent years, it has focused strongly on
content marketing and content and communication strategy and writing
online copywriting and content
optimisation. Many of the texts you read online are hers. From
Slovenia, she has given several lectures and workshops on these topics.

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