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Co-Founder, Snowball Effect



Aspire France

Laure co-founded Snowball Effect in 2020 with the aim to address society’s challenges at scale by replicating what works. Snowball Effect is an NGO that helps aspiring social entrepreneurs replicate in their region proven social business concepts, while learning from their initial founders.

Laure holds a double diploma from Neoma business school and Centrale Paris engineering school. Prior to cofounding Snowball Effect Laure has been working in the field of social innovation for +8 years, as a social entrepreneur, social intrapreneur, project manager at a French NGO supporting social innovation (Ticket for Change) and coach for social entrepreneurs. In her career she could observe that too many social entrepreneurs tend to reinvent the wheel: that made her start Snowball Effect with her cofounder Yoon-Joo. In 2021 they also won the European Social Innovation Competition.

Besides, she also trained herself to become a certified career coach from the International Coaching Federation. She’s French but living currently in Vienna (Austria) and happy to act towards making replication mainstream in Europe, while working in close contact with other ecosystem partners.

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