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Senior Lecturer - Blockchain technology, FKPV Celje



Aspire Slovenia

Slovenian expert witness in the field of economics (HR function and entrepreneurship)
Mirjana Ivanuša-Bezjak is a university graduate in Business Informatics and a Master of Economics and a Slovenian forensic expert in the field of economics (HR function and entrepreneurship). She has been appointed as a business consultant and a senior lecturer at universities of higher education and lecturer at higher vocational schools.
She has been active in the field of social economy for more than ten years (as a consultant and mentor). She is currently the Director of the Social Economy Cooperative of Slovenia in Maribor.
She is the author of How to Look for a Job (1995), What I Need to Know about Entrepreneurship (1996), Employees the Greatest Capital of the 21st Century (2006), A Warm Welcome, Hospitality and Kindness in Tourism and Service Activities (2012) and Hospitality of Slovenian Tourist Workers during and after the Corona Crisis (2020).
She is a senior lecturer at the School of Applied Sciences in Leadership and Career Development and Application of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies.
She has been a tutor for more than 150 students of the Higher Professional School and 150 students of the University of Applied Sciences. Her Cobiss bibliography includes more than 650 items. (
Since 2000 she has been the President of the Association of HR Professionals of Maribor, Lenart and Slovenska Bistrica.

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