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Mr. G is a Strategist, Marketing Consultant, Coach and Behavioural Change Analyst with over 15 years working experience with companies, NGOs and Governments throughout the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Europe and now New Zealand.
His consulting and coaching experience ranges from Activity Entertainment, Education, F&B, Hospitality & Tourism, Healthcare, HR and FMCG. His sustainable business approach has won him the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation's Green Business Awards and helped push the sustainable business agenda for organizations such as the United Nations and Oxfam to the Royal Government of Cambodia. In the past 8 years, he founded 2 groups of companies and handed over 4 brands through succession planning.
He has a strong belief that empathetic dialogue and design are key life skills to both personal and professional success, and is currently on a mission to solve real world issues through empathy, entrepreneurship and principled leadership.

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