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Communication Strategist




Charlélie Jourdan is a communication strategist with an expansive knowledge of European-wide communication campaigns.
He has worked on over 400 projects of communication in the last ten years.
He and his team have improved the communication of clients such as the European Parliament, the European Commission, Google, Intel, WWF and others, with strategic insights and compelling creative implementation.
He has trained more than 6000 professionals in workshops, webinars and speeches on operational communication tactics, technical storytelling, brainstorming techniques and strategy.
Charlélie is a firm believer in engineering creativity through strict processes. His working philosophy is that “Creativity is 75% strategy”.
He strives to be a forward thinker with an aptitude to design strategies that confidently position companies and organizations with an ever-increasing influence.
He uses various methods and processes such as Design Thinking, and he is adept at the Lean approach.
Charlélie relentlessly applies a disciplined mindset, ideas, and tactics to advance every aspect of an organization’s communication to compete with the most influential brands. This method relies on the consistent implementation of processes that advertising agencies have instigated over the years and that public organizations are rarely exposed to.
With this unique toolbox, Charlélie’s expertise focuses on enabling more significant influence over the behaviour of others, with greater connection and more successful delivery of genuine messages for the general public.
As a regular lecturer and trainer, Charlélie provides expansive methods to explore a team’s ideas and insights in ways that will raise their confidence and produce actual, long-term results. He has been piloting more than 150 people brainstorming simultaneously, thanks to methods he designed to guide the process.
Currently living in Valencia, Spain, Charlélie makes regular appearances on the podium at various Hackathons and innovation centres to generate and prototype start-ups ideas. He advises multiple early-stage start-ups on their marketing strategy and business models and has worked with the Belgian Bank, BNP Paribas, to implement innovation processes in Fintech.
He holds a Bachelor in Philosophy and a MA in Public Affairs.
With a passion for making the world more understandable, Charlélie empowers people to realize their merit and communicate better, more efficiently and without prejudice. He understands the value of discipline coupled with effort, offering others his methodology and mental tools to improve their impact.

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