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Liqui Lung

FinTech Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer



Aspire Netherlands

With years of experience as a Founder and Growth Hacker, Chiara has mastered the art of propelling companies towards rapid growth, automation, and marketing success. Her proven expertise and extensive track record have equipped her to conquer challenges faced by startups, scale-ups, and even big multinationals.

As a Freelancer and Interim Head of Growth, Chiara's versatility shines through. She's ventured into the worlds of FinTech, Med-Tech, and the cultural sector, among others. By carefully selecting diverse clients and experiences, she keeps her curiosity alive, recognizing valuable patterns that shape her winning strategies.

Data is her secret sauce – the cornerstone of her approach to growth. Chiara's decision-making is laser-focused, taking both qualitative and quantitative data into account. She's developed a structured process for growth that she loves to share in workshops, inspiring others to conquer new heights.

If you're facing challenges with your growth marketing strategy, Chiara is your go-to gal. Reach out to her, and together, you'll embark on an exciting journey towards unparalleled growth.

Don't miss the chance to work with this Growth Wizard – let her sprinkle some magic on your business!

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