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Organisational design consultant, Krataion Consulting
Co-founder of CAP Maritime Services



Aspire Greece

Harris is a business consultant at KRATAION consulting agency in Greece and also a co-founder of a maritime agency. He is specialised in organisation design, large scale project management and design sprints’ facilitation. At the moment he is pursuing an executive master in organisation design and business strategy at the University of Amsterdam. Before joining KRATAION, he was part of Google Greece as project manager of Grow with Google initiatives, has worked at TelCos, in corporate communication & CSR, at Red Bull, as junior brand manager. He was also a founding member and BD & Communications responsible for a cultural development startup. Harris holds a diploma in Applied Mathematics & Physics Sciences from the National Technical University of Athens and certifications around Design Thinking and Design Sprints. Last but not least, he loves travelling especially if it’s combined with volunteeringLast but not least, he loves travelling, especially if it’s combined with volunteering.

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