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Social Entrepreneur & Youth Empowerment Enabler



Aspire Spain

I'm Flor—a curious lifelong learner and multidisciplinary design-thinker, human-centered designer, facilitator and producer.
Fueled by curiosity and a passion for turning ideas into reality, my diverse 20-year career has encompassed production, advertising, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, and design, always in pursuit of fresh ways to bring ideas to life.
Throughout my journey, I've worn many hats—from creating films and brand experiences to shaping digital services and products and supporting entrepreneurs and changemakers to unlock their creative and innovative potential to turn their ideas into action. I've fully embraced every stage of the idea development life cycle, from empathy and research to ideation, design, prototype, testing, building and launching solutions for diverse audiences, formats, and contexts, enriching my understanding of putting people at the heart of the design process.
My focus lies on harnessing the power of design to breathe life into ideas, creating user-centric products and services.
My vision? To design for people—transforming products and services into meaningful experiences.

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