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Managing Partner, Giraffes in the Kitchen Cyprus



Aspire Greece

Andrea Solomonides has a background in Musicology and graduated from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She holds an MBA in Strategy & Campaign Management and officially started her career in various political campaigns in Greece, Cyprus and around Europe.
She co-founded CUBIK-S COMMUNICATIONS, a boutique communication agency, specializing in digital marketing in 2012 in Athens and expanded its operations in Cyprus in 2014. She also co-founded Incubo Strategies, a strategy consulting firm specializing in investment strategy. Additionally, she served on the board of various organizations including Hellenic Seaplanes, AIPFE Women of Europe and Cypriot Enterprise Link.
Cubik-s Communications has now been acquired and operates under the name Giraffes in the Kitchen Cyprus.
Currently, besides serving as the Managing Partner of Giraffes in the Kitchen Cyprus, she is actively involved with the strategic development of Black Lemon TV.

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