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African Mums in Deutschland


Our project is to create a social enterprise that will support our current projects in the area of empowering and assisting women of Black/African descent in the achieving social and economic progress, independence and successful integration in the integration in the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland and Austria).

Our African Mums project in Germany started as a support platform and a protected space for women of black and African descent, providing reliable information, advice, counseling, resources and programs to support a successful integration and economic and social independence. As our platform grew, we began to offer other services to women in our community such as a counseling center, free language classes, emergency grants and became an association.

Now, we see the need to transform into a social enterprise so that we can Generate independent income to fund our projects and provide more services to the members of our community and to expand our platform to the whole of all of Europe.

Reduced Inequalities, Gender Equality
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