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Mobile Culinary Studio


We conduct workshops of RAW FOOD plant-based cuisine, which does not require the use of temperature. We would reach clients in any place when a group of volunteers gather: companies, education facilities, community centers, employee events, meetings, etc. to demonstrate. During practical workshops, how to prepare immunity strengthening meals. Such a kitchen allows you to prepare meals without losing their value. It is simple and intuitive. All nutrients, such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals, microelements are preserved. This innovative solution allows you to spread new trends in preparing meals according to the principles of sustainable development.
We are happy to train young people, adults and seniors. The idea is already implemented and enjoys great curiosity and interest of participants, especially nowadays, when good health is so important.
We have excellent coaching staff. We create our own workshop programs and our own regulations. We conducted such a mobile studio workshop several times in Białystok, Hajnówka, Ujętku near Suwałki and Bielsko Podlaski.

Good Health And Well-Being, Quality Education
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