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Our app allows users to scan food products to access related information, such as nutrition data, allergens, certificates, and transparency data, including impact metrics and supply chain info. So far, we have developed a computer vision algorithm that recognizes 95% of all food products in Germany, (but also in Europe and the rest of the world, with lower success rates). We encourage users to test our consumer BETA app. You can use the following link (iOS only) to test the recognition performance (German products preferred :) In addition, we are running a new generative algorithm prototype that enables us to train ML data on mobile devices, avoiding the need for big models and long training cycles. This approach will enable us to scale our service to other countries and markets with different products. We plan based on the results of the new edge model, to improve our current pattern recognition for supply chain anomalies. It surveils supply chains for exceptions that could lead to risks.

Responsible Consumption And Production, Decent Work And Economic Growth
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