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Sascia Bailer


While the art world is often dedicated to emancipatory issues, the structures that sustain the art and culture industries are mostly not very inclusive. How can the art world, and the work world more broadly, become more equitable? Above all, how can the realities of life and work of people who provide and/or receive care be considered in the cultural sector?

The CARE LAB - as a consulting and certification company - is focused on creating awareness for the structural causes and effects as well as showing practicable solutions how projects, processes and structures in the cultural sector can be implemented with a focus on care. Institutions can be certified if, for example, a project, a series of events or a residency grant meets the Care criteria. This will not only create a broader public for the topics, but also address the corporate social responsibility of companies/organizations in order to make their structures more inclusive and family-friendly, and thus move a step closer to social justice.

Gender Equality, Decent Work And Economic Growth
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