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Sensitive house


Our undertaking is sensitive

A sensitive house is a place for young people with intellectual disabilities, it is not only a home where you can live but also a workplace.

Our project is a real response to the needs of young people and supporters; seniors, parents and guardians.

The sensitive house will fulfill and combine several functions:
1. Work places for people at risk of social exclusion
2. House - apartments assisted for people with intellectual disabilities.
3. Commercial activities - hotel, restaurant, rehabilitation/three main services that give us financial stability 😊
4. Place of improvement therapy, self -empowerment training, professionally activating - Senior -Mentor with work trainer, assisted housing.
5. Outside the tourist season, the possibility of realizing relaxation programs for the carers of the disabled.

By building a sensitive house, we introduce changes that have a huge impact on the social and professional development of young people with intellectual disabilities. We want this project to change through this project in the perception of these people by society.

Reduced Inequalities, Decent Work And Economic Growth
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