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Who doesn't know this situation: New job!😍 New city!🤗

Away from the familiar social environment!😕 As an employee, you often ask yourself: How am I supposed to find a connection here now?

As a company, you are faced with the challenge that there are usually few resources available 💰⌚️ to establish company sports or similar offerings, so that employees can also integrate themselves into a social environment outside of working hours. At the same time, such programs have been proven to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty. Because if you don't get on well at work AND in your free time, you'll leave again!

We, that is Maik & Patrick, have developed a solution to this problem with THE TRIBE.BI: We help new employees connect with other people facing the same challenge. In our community we offer regular get-to-know-evenings, different sports ⚽️🎾, creative events, sofa concerts 🎸 and much more. In this way we connect (so far) #liebefeld with each other!

Good Health And Well-Being, Decent Work And Economic Growth
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