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The problem we want to solve: Millions of people want to do more about climate change, but they don't know how.

Our vision: Empower millions of people in Europe and make it easy for them to live more sustainably. To achieve this, we want to become the most impactful and well-known online platform for sustainability and transformation in Europe.

Our solution: Our platform makes it easy for millions of people to change their behavior and transform their everyday lives in a sustainable way. As an Ecotec company, we make use of the latest technological and behavioral science approaches. We are the everyday companion for sustainability in Europe. This is how we accelerate the socio-ecological transformation and help to limit climate change.

Our strategy: Make sustainable living as easy as possible, our platform brings together everything needed to make it happen. We use green nudging to encourage users to make more sustainable consumption decisions and behaviors, and combine sustainability with artificial intelligence. Absolute user-centricity is our guiding principle here.

In the four components or pillars of our platform, we combine everything that is necessary to make sustainable living in everyday life as simple as possible:
(1) A European Green Wiki: Knowledge, education, news for the socio-ecological transformation as well as a constantly growing database of sustainable providers in the EU (products, services, organization).
(2) An online store and marketplace: self-developed products like a gamified guide for environmentally conscious actions as well as best new sustainable products
(3) A forum/community: online and with local change maker hubs that bring people together
(4) A finding engine: AI-based, self-learning, for fast and easy finding of information, products, services, experts, like-minded people (launch 2024)
Our innovation: we bring together what belongs together: knowledge, products, initiatives, exchange, people. And combine sustainability with artificial intelligence

Our Values - We are committed to the following values, which serve as guiding principles for our actions and for our company: Trust & Fairness - Sustainability & Common Good - Credibility & Transparency.

Responsible Consumption And Production, Climate Action
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