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Ulrike Weiss


Hello to all, my name is Ulrike Weiss. I studied ecotrophology and have been freelancing as "The mobile nutrition counselor" since 2007. In the course of the last few years, the following plan has emerged: I would like to create, together with other people from as many different professions as possible, a place of arrival for refugees.

The common thread should be nutrition. The first pillar consists of food-literacy courses as a supplement to theoretical German courses: food and eating as a basis for learning with all the senses. This automatically includes exchanges on different eating habits, cooking and eating together, celebrating country-specific festivities, and so on.

In the process, I can then - quite incidentally and if necessary - impart knowledge about good kitchen practice.

The second pillar should be relaxed vegetable gardening, I have a wealth of experience, also with regard to climate change. For people who are traumatized and uprooted, it can do amazing good to sow plants, let them grow, take care of them and then cook a good meal together. I envision that this project will continue to evolve through input from participants, clients, and collaborations.

The following topics are important to me, among others: Feeding children in Germany in a healthy way, understanding the advertising messages of the food industry correctly, "nutrition education" by visiting supermarkets and local farms, and it has to taste good!

The location is not fixed yet, it should be a larger city. Darmstadt, Berlin, Munich, Cologne are being considered.

Good Health And Well-Being
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