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CEO, Imapct Hub Athens



Aspire Greece

Sophie is the co-founder of Impact Hub Athens, part of the world’s first global network for the promotion, support, interconnection and empowerment of social entrepreneurs and innovators. A community of people who take sustainable and responsible initiatives to contribute to addressing social challenges.
Since 2010 and for three full years was a member of the hosting team in Impact Hub Madrid, where she learned in-practice the processes of community building, design thinking and participatory leadership. At the same time, she was an active member of the Creative Society advisory team to support and empower businesses through creative problem-solving processes. There, Sophie was also responsible for the project “Are you ready for us?”, A global survey of conditions that accelerate the entrepreneurship of young people. She often collaborates with the IE Business School in Madrid, where she delivers courses on social entrepreneurship at the MBA & IMBA. She is a graduate of the Department of Administrative Science & Technology, and a member of AIESEC. Helping found El Sistema Greece is one of her most recent accomplishments.

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