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  • Isabella Migwi Fournier

Impact² Annual Event Highlights: AI as a Driving Force for Positive Change

Impact² 11th Edition, held on 15th May at the Paris City Hall, once again brought together innovators dedicated to positive social and environmental impact. This year, the focus was on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence under the theme "AI: a driving force for positive change?". The event showcased groundbreaking innovations at the Innovation Village, and featured inspiring impact organisations  tackling global challenges.

Impact² continues to lead the conversation on integrating economic growth with societal and environmental benefits, championing solutions that address Europe's and the world's most pressing issues.

A special highlight was the Social Tides side-event moderated by INCO’s Mathieu Planchard, where our Grow AI accelerator participants engaged with experts in knowledge-sharing discussions. Topics included fundraising for social enterprises, the policy landscape of AI for good, AI skills development, and measuring impact through AI.

A big thank you to our Special Guests and speakers: Muhammed Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize (2006), Liza Belozerova (, Ville Valtonen (MinnaLearn), Wieteke Dupain (Euclid Network), Jens Andersson (IKEA Social Entrepreneurship) and Anna Korzeniewska (CEE Impact Foundation).

Thank you to the Grow AI participants that attended the event

Congratulations to our pitchers (check them out in the video below!)


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